Rally Reminders

On arrival…

  • Please park considerately and be mindful of where you set up float yards – there is usually enough space for them on rally days.

  • Water is available from the green tank by the walkway to the grounds.

  • Once you have settled your horse, make your way to the clubrooms to help with set-up, (check the Rally Plan for start times and group duties, which may vary from rally to rally).

  • All riders must sign-in and, if under 18 years old, must always have an adult on the grounds. The attendance book will be located on a table under the veranda.

  • If a rider leaves the grounds before the end of the rally it must be noted in the attendance book and the Chief Coach informed.


  • To ensure the sessions all start on time, parents and riders are asked to help set-up, (check the Rally Plan for start times and group duties, which may vary from rally to rally).

What to bring…

Most of these items are probably obvious but it is handy to have a list to work from:

  • Pony/Horse!

  • Tack – must be clean and in good condition – please see gear check notes. Green, red or white saddle blanket.

  • Helmet – must adhere to PCWA guidelines, please see gear check notes.

  • Rugs – if required.

  • Grooming gear.

  • Buckets.

  • Feed/hay.

  • Protective boots for jumping/cross country, if required.

  • Pens and workbook for Horsemastership lesson.

  • Drink bottle.

  • Lunch and snacks – or you may purchase from our wonderful canteen (order your lunch by 10:30am).

  • Sunscreen.

  • Rider uniform – beige/cream jodhpurs, riding boots, long-sleeve rally shirt (if you don’t yet have one, any long sleeve shirt). Long hair must be plaited. No jewellery.

Ground safety and etiquette…

  • Front gate is always to be kept shut. Please drive slowly through the carpark and driveway.

  • Ponies/horses must be WALKED when not in a session under an instructor, i.e. coming to the grounds and in between sessions.

  • Parents and visitors are welcome to take chairs from the clubrooms to the grounds to watch the riders but must be returned at lunchtime and at the end of the day.

  • If you wish to discuss issues regarding your child, please see the Chief Coach at the end of the session, or at the end of the day.

  • Please put all rubbish in the bin at the clubrooms. Our lawns are mowed by commercial machines at no cost to the club – drink bottles and rubbish cause problems.

  • Riders should be supervised in the carpark. Should you see anyone on the grounds that you are unsure of, please report to a committee member at the clubrooms immediately.

  • Ground maintenance – the committee can only fix things they know about. If you see a broken sprinkler, fencing, holes in the ground, or anything that might be unsafe, please let a committee member know.



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