Coaches for 2023

At Wanneroo Horse & Pony Club we offer a fantastic team of experienced equestrian coaches for all riding disciplines.

During the year we also have specialist guest coaches attend. Some past guest coaches and horsemastership teachers include Natalie Hibbert, Rick Dabner, Jess Tanner and Eve Jarvis.

Jordyn Colleran

Chief Coach

Jordyn spent her youth horse mad at Pony Club just like you! She was an active member of Central Midland Horse & Pony Club and represented them successfully at state events. Jordyn has successfully competed up to 2* star level and held a position on the WA development squad for eventing.

Jordyn is also a very talented equestrian photographer, and has captured thousands of beautiful pictures of combinations at events across the state. Her favourite events are the personal shoots, where she’s able to capture those candid moments between a horse and their human to create pieces of art.

When Jordyn isn’t working full-time, photographing events, riding or coaching at PC, she is studying at Uni to become a primary school teacher.

Georgia Homewood


I’m Georgia and I’m 20 years old, I’m pleased to be coaching at Wanneroo Horse and Pony Club for the 2023 year. I went through the ranks at pony club in Moora (Central Midlands Riding and Pony Club) myself, I started my pony club journey in 2008 and stayed at Central Midlands right through to 2021. The following year I decided to take a year off from pony club to focus on my new chapter in life- university. 

I had full intentions to return to pony club to complete my B certificate as a rider but found a love for coaching. In my time at pony club, I touched on a bit of everything. My main passion always was and, still is Eventing, but I did many years of games (PPMG) including representing the sport at Perth Royal in 2017. Also, in 2017 I competed in 4 out of 5 of the PCWA State Championship Events. 

I am thoroughly enjoying my new coaching experience at Wanneroo HPC, it is a fantastic welcoming club with great members. When I’m not coaching you will find me in the saddle, this ranges from my own team of Eventing horses through to fresh off the track thoroughbreds that are brought in for retraining. Horses are such a big part of my life and having had such great experiences at pony club growing up, I learnt so many skills that passing these on to the next generation of young horse people is enjoyable and rewarding.

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